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Emo Parking Only Please.

Here i am..in this messed up world....

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This community is open to anyone who is willing to comment and gets accepted by me & the members.<33

Dont be mistaken by the name... we wont judge you on your music taste... its just a name:-P

1. Post an Lj cut to the Application :

About You
01. Name::
02. Age::
03. State::
04. Hobbies
05. Things you adore

5 to 10 of your favorite bands::
5 of your least favorite bands::
5 favorite movies::
Favorite color::
Favorite Tv show::
Favorite Lyrics::
Favorite Book::
Favorite Poem::
Favorite Song::
Favorite Food::

This or That
Bush or Kerry::
Christian . Atheist . Jewish::
Keeping things to yourself or telling the world::
Diet Pepsi or Regular::
Skittles or Junior Mints::

At least two pictures if you have them.

Howd you Promote??
How did you hear about this community?
What are your opinions on:
Harry Potter::
Plastic Surgery/ Any pain someone goes through to look "beautiful"::
Things that have nothing to do with the application but are there anyways!!
-Anything differnt about you that you want us to know?
-Do you believe in love at first site
-Do you think your beautiful?..Inside and out?....
-How often do you cry?...haha dont ask:) just answer;)!!

1.If you have been accepted then you have to follow these rules
1. When you are rating a person, do not be harsh. Would you have liked it if I were to say the same thing to you?

2. Vote and comment on new applicatants. Stay active. If you dont update in 10 days after joining you will be delted unless stated a good reason.

3. DO NOT post anything other then a application If you are not stamped ...PLEASE!

4. No naked stuff...this isnt the community for that.

5. If you go on vacation tell us so we know why you arnt here:-).

6. Have fun with this..its not supposed to be strict:-D

Oh yes.. RESPECT THE MODS!!:-)

How do do an LJ CUT..
<*lj-cut text="Lookie here">...

Take out the stars... but the first part in <> before the text, and </> after the text.