Ali-kins (___ummyea) wrote in emoparking_0nly,

About You
01. Name::Ali
02. Age:: 17
03. State::Pa
04. Hobbies:: Computer,hanging with my bf josh, Fourwheeling,hanging with friends, lots of stuffs <3
05. Things you adore::Joshua, KRISTY POO!! :x Candy, My Kitttens, Family, Friends.

5 to 10 of your favorite bands::Good Charlotte-Hot Hot Heat-Story Of The Year-Yellowcard-Coheed and Cambria.
5 of your least favorite bands:: 1-5 RAP
5 favorite movies::Pirates of the Carribiean,Goonies,all Harry Potter, All LOTRs,The Lion King <3
Favorite color::Green
Favorite Tv show::Warped Wendesday
Favorite Lyrics:: all gc ones <3
Favorite Book::dont have one
Favorite Poem::some that people i know wrote.
Favorite Song::311-Love Song
Favorite Food::Chinese <3

This or That
Bush or Kerry:: or
Christian . Atheist . Jewish:: none?
Keeping things to yourself or telling the world:: telling the world
Diet Pepsi or Regular:: Regular
Skittles or Junior Mints:: Skittles

At least two pictures if you have them.


Howd you Promote?? i love kristyy..join this communityy shes bangin ;x
How did you hear about this community? Kristy Jo <3
What are your opinions on:
Drugs:: bad
Harry Potter:: sexxy
Plastic Surgery/ Any pain someone goes through to look "beautiful":: natural beauity is better
Things that have nothing to do with the application but are there anyways!!
-Anything differnt about you that you want us to know? crazy little ali may be skitzooo!
-Do you believe in love at first site YES
-Do you think your beautiful?..Inside and out?.... Um. maybeee?
-How often do you cry?...haha dont ask:) just answer;)!! everything makes me cry. im so emooo. :X

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