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About You
01. Name:: Stephanie
02. Age:: 16
03. State:: PA
04. Hobbies Playing with the hose, sleeping, eating, walking for the mail, computer
05. Things you adore family, friends, food!!

5 to 10 of your favorite bands/singer:: SWITCHFOOT!, Josh Gracin :), Usher, B 52s, eagles
5 of your least favorite bands:: hillary duff, linsday lohan, korn, 50 cent, ja rule
5 favorite movies:: WALK TO REMEMBER! Harry Potter 3, Top Gun, Drumline,
Favorite color::PINK
Favorite Tv show::everything on nick @ nite
Favorite Lyrics:: Welcome to the planet
welcome to existence
everyones here
everyones here
everybodys watching you now
everybody waits for you now
what happens next
what happens next
i dare you to move
i dare you to move
i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
Favorite Book::walk to remember
Favorite Poem::i dont know right now
Favorite Song::im caught in between a lot
Favorite Food:: TACO!

This or That
Bush or Kerry::neither
Christian . Atheist . Jewish:: Christian
Keeping things to yourself or telling the world::to myself
Diet Pepsi or Regular::diet
Skittles or Junior Mints::junior mints

Howd you Promote?? I didnt
How did you hear about this community? umm kristy
What are your opinions on:
Drugs:: I thnk that drugs r dumb and ppl who do them r even dumber and ya know! yes
Harry Potter::the 3rd one i like it
Plastic Surgery/ Any pain someone goes through to look "beautiful"::bull crap
Things that have nothing to do with the application but are there anyways!!
-Anything differnt about you that you want us to know?im diabetic
-Do you believe in love at first site i dont really know..maybe
-Do you think your beautiful?..Inside and out?....tayes (noo)
-How often do you cry?...haha dont ask:) just answer;)!!not very often when there is something sad then maybe i do...
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