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1st entry!!

Hello All:-)

Since i am the maintainer i might as well put the first entry.

Here is my application

Im not gonna put in a lj cut right now so yess!! haha oh well

About You
01. Name::Kristy.

03. State:: PA.

04. Hobbies : Being on the computer. Being with my friends. Talking to my friends. Playing Fieldhockey. Listening. Online 3d ping pong, haha- dont asskk

05. Things you adore: My family & Friends. My dog, scooby.<33

5 to 10 of your favorite bands::Taking Back Sunday. From Autumn to Ashes. The Early November. AFI. Tybalt. Thursday. Blink 182. Nirvana. Beetles.Avengedsevenfold

5 of your least favorite bands:: Hilary Duff. Simple Plan. Good Charlotte. Avril Lavigne.

5 favorite movies:: Walk to Remember. Cat in the Hat. The Grinch. Both of the Shrek Movies. Underworld.

Favorite color:: Orange..light i guess

Favorite Tv show:: haha..friends & ellen

Favorite Lyrics:: A good friend once told me we are our memory
without it we equal nothing
And all I can see is the place I wanna be
Timeless my life was so free
Leaves at my feet, blown to the ground
their echoes are reaching my ears
Nights coming fast, suns going down
But keep away from me... keep away from me
We may have created the beginning, mentally
We may have created the beginning, physically
To the end of our human existence...
I see through you
The fear that's in your eyes
( yes long i know. )

Favorite Book:: Monster & Witch Child

Favorite Poem::I have way too many. I will put one in later maybe:-)

Favorite Song:: The Early November- Ever so sweet &
Taking back Sunday- Head Club

Favorite Food::

{Like or not} ( Yes or No )
The Early November:: yes

Taking Back Sunday:: yes

Christina Aguilera:: I dont nessacarly like her sluttyness but she has a beautiful voice

Amy Lee::Yessum

The Used:: Yep:)


Switchfoot:: Yes.

{This or That}
Bush or Kerry::Kerry

Christian . Atheist . Jewish::Christian

Keeping things to yourself or telling the world:: A little of both

Diet Pepsi or Regular::Diet.

Skittles or Junior Mints:: Junior Mints.

Howd you Promote?? Trust me..im trying;)

I am also a diabetic and i am very short<33 haha i thought you guys should know that:-)
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